Photos can be tough to plan, really tough, and the more people involved the harder. BUT it doesn’t have to be. Photos should be fun and should represent your loved ones the best way they can. These are YOUR memories. No matter what type of session you are having here are my top tips for great photos.

1. COORDINATE Coordinate colors without being matchy matchy. Choosing colors that work together is so important. This will make your photo look effortless! Choose outfits that compliment one another and don’t include to many color variations.

Also, be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Choose your favorite outfits and outfits you would actually wear again. Photo day is not the day to try something brand new! Not that you can’t wear something you just bought, but try and stay true to your style. Below are some of my favorite sites with coordinating outfits to give you some ideas.

2. DON’T FORCE IT Ahhh Pinterest…. We have a love hate relationship. I LOVE getting fun ideas from Pinterest for a session, but I hate that this has become “reality”. It’s great to bring ideas to a session, but don’t worry about creating a better version of your Pinterest board.
Some of this will happen and some may not, but your results will certainly bring a smile to your face while being true to you. Some of my favorite images have been when I am chasing after a 2 year old and making silly noises to get them to look at me.If you have been pinning photos or have idea, choose a few of your favorites to be MUST DOS and let the rest happen naturally.


Seems simple enough right? Just have fun with each other. Not everyone has to be looking and smiling at the camera to make for a wonderful photo. Hug your kids, kiss your wife, laugh together. I love watching people interact together. These are the photos you will cherish because they show the real love between you and your family.


Set your session for a time that works for you. If you know your hubby will just be coming off a night shift or your kids will have to skip nap time then choose a better time. It’s hard to make someone cranky happy to be in a photo. Make sure everyone has more than enough time to get ready and be prepared for photos.

5. DETAILS Accessories, props, anything that makes you and your loved ones special. Think about things you can add to your session without going overboard. Don’t be afraid to bounce ideas off your photographer too! We love getting creative with photos!




Above all talk to your photographer! Ask questions and discuss ideas. That’s what we are hear for. Working together ensures a successful photo session will definitely happen.

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