OKAY Moms, lets be real for a minute. I AM SO BEHIND on blogging its embarrassing. Since having my son I have been able to stay up to date on editing (ok barely, I am no longer making deliveries early…ever) BUT up to date is decent. Blogging? Anything ELSE…..I am beyond behind. Every time I sit down to blog I feel my eyes closing. And not slowly like I could muster out a post or two, like the second I hit add post. So today I am trying to get a few out before the little man awakens. Fingers crossed.

Side note: So thank you to my amazing, supportive and patient clients. Overwhelmed and thankful for all of you!

Veronica and Matt are getting married TODAY! I am packed and ready to see you guys in a few hours, but here are a few from their mini engagement session to hold you over.