I get this question all the time. How do I pose couples during an engagement session (these tips can apply to ANY session really).  Your couple is nervous, anxious and they have rested the whole weight of their wedding photography on YOU! Expectations are high as they should be. I certainly do not consider myself and expert at all. I am constantly learning and reaching new goals. Hopefully this information will help you in your next session!

Here are my top 4 tips to photographing couples.


  1. RESEARCH Yes I said it. Research! I am always staying up to date on pinterest, fashion magazines, blogs and social media to get ideas and stay current. When I first started photography I did this daily, now I do this less and less as I have developed over the years, but I still do this from time to time. I am not suggesting you copy ANYTHING EVER!  Remember to always keep your individual style. Don’t let something you see change you, these things are tools to make us better!
  2. TALK TALK TALK Keep them talking. I talk A LOT during my sessions. I ask questions and most importantly I give specific feedback.  This means not just telling a couple you look great (okay they like to hear this too but get specific). If I want to communicate that I like something or need them to change a motion I may say something like “I really love the way you are resting your hand on his shoulder can you hold there for a few seconds and then move your hand to his face”. This creates movement which keeps photos more candid and this communicates what a great job they are doing. Talking also helps achieve that laughter we all want in our photos.
  3. KNOW your couple. I cannot stress this enough. KNOW your couple BEFORE their session. This does not mean asking a few questions or going based on your first client meeting. This couple has a vision for their engagement session and you need to find out what that is. Discuss their likes, dislikes, wishes for their photos, anything that may be helpful in guiding your session with them. I use a questionnaire, but you can get this information in a way that works best for you (see point 2 TALK :)). I always feel like we are 90% customer service and 10% photography. Here is where your skills come into play big time.
  4. CLOSE Keep couples close. I use this for all my sessions really. Closeness is key for most photos. Keep the space between them at a minimum when you are posing so that you are encouraging them to interact and play together. Of course this doesn’t need to happen for EVERY photo, but its a good rule of thumb to follow.


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